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Speed Bowl - Coach info

Coach Name Team Name YouTube Facebook Twitter
John Bain aka TotalBiscuit/CynicalBrit The Mad Bombers TotalHalibut @TotalBiscuit -
Brooke Lawson aka Dodger Halfblings PressHearttoContinue @dexbonus -
Eric aka Crendor The Dark Rainbows wowcrendor @wowcrendor -
cKnoor The Funny Farm cKnoor @cKnoor -
Ryan Letourneau aka Northernlion And My Sack Northernlion @NorthernlionLP -
Sam aka Strippin Wood Knot Bang TheStrippin @TheStrippin -
Sven Paulsen aka Lumin Tales of Rats talesoflumin @TalesOfLumin -
Dennis Duhamel aka Force Dog and Bone ForceSC2strategy @ForceStrategy -
Stylosa/Kirioth Rule Britannia! unitlosttube @unitlostgaming -
Martin Glaude aka quill18 The Brussels Stouts quill18 @quill18 -