Polaris Portal

Version history of this site

Version 4.2 (current site build):

Added pages for the Blood Bowl 2 Crendorian Invitational League

Version 4.1:

Added some new page for Terraria to show all videos on one page. Also added sub-menu for easier navigation between season pages.

Updated list of Hearthstone videos and tidied up styling.

Version 4.0:

The site was rebuilt from scratch, using modern webdev techniques. It is meant to be responsive, in other words, as mobile-friendly as possible. That said, based on the nature of the site, there are limitations to how mobile-friendly it can be. Additionally, the site has a new colour-scheme. I was getting sick of the sky-blue scheme of the version 3.

Version 3.0:

A complete re-build of the site, re-branded as "Polaris Portal" and including pages for additional games besides Blood Bowl and Hearthstone.

Version 2.5:

Same as 2.0, but with the addition of a page for Hearthstone beta videos.

Version 2.0:

This site version was hosted on some free webspace of my ISP. It was created by taking the HTML pages I had made for the Google Sites version and adding a CSS stylesheet to make it look better. It was still crude and ugly.

Version 1.0:

Created solely for the first TGS Blood Bowl tournament. It hosted on Google Sites, created by writing the pages in Adobe Dreamweaver and pasting the HTML into the "custom HTML" box of the Google Sites pages. It was a fucking pain in the arse to update, as each page had to be updated manually every time there was something to add.